What to expect?

Before applying for the job of Pre-Sales Engineer at GraphAware, you should first answer YES to all of the following questions:

  • Are you someone who constantly strives for excellence?
  • Do you take ownership of your work?
  • Does customer success drive your motivation and passion?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Do you find graph technologies intriguing?
  • Do you want to make a real difference and influence the success of the company you work for?

Agreed to all the above? Then keep reading.

As a Pre-Sales Engineer, you will be joining our pre-sales and sales team who make sure customers get the most value out of their connected data. Your will use our flagship product Hume daily to show potential and existing customers how it can solve their problem and make their graph journey easier. You will become GraphAware’s top expert on Hume and interact closely with the product team to stay up to date with Hume’s rapid advancement, use your expertise and experience to design and prototype customer solutions, and bring customer feedback back to the team. You will spend some of your time out in the field as the wing buddy of our sales executives to cover the technical parts of the sales process. You will be implementing required solutions within Hume on clients’ projects.

Do you prefer a simple list of main responsibilities? Here it is.

  • Mastering the features and capabilities of Hume and being aware of its shortcomings
  • Staying up to date with the latest Hume developments
  • Building and maintaining an internal repository of pre-sales assets including Hume demonstrations
  • Using the pre-sales assets to help the marketing team raise awareness of the product
  • Designing and building prototype solutions that demonstrate required functionality with Hume
  • Participating in sales calls and meetings, using your Hume expertise to suggest relevant solutions
  • Keeping our partners and resellers up to date with what’s new in Hume
  • Positioning Hume and Neo4j within the customer’s environment and architecture
  • Helping write technical solution proposals
  • Supporting and guiding prospective customers currently trialling Hume
  • Designing, building, and conducting Hume training courses and workshops
  • Providing feedback from the field to the product management and engineering teams
  • Hume consulting for clients
  • Contributing to the engineering team’s testing and documentation effort
  • Acting as a bridge between sales, marketing, product, and delivery teams

If you want to succeed, we believe, you need to have the following skills/background:

  • To perform and understand the technical aspects of the job
    • 3+ years of software development / technical implementation experience
    • Strong data science experience
    • Solid understanding of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
    • Proficiency in at least one programming language, preferably Python or Java
    • Understanding of semantic and/or graph technologies
    • Experience in customer facing environments
    • Excellent communication skill in English
    • Strong presentation skills
    • Experience with a scripting language and Linux
  • Bonus technical skills
    • Master’s Degree / PhD in a technical scientific or technical scientific field
    • Domain expertise in Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Finance, or Life Sciences
    • Knowledge of key Graph database concepts
    • Knowledge of basic Cypher query language elements
    • Knowledge of Neo4j
    • Understanding the full stack application development including DevOps
    • Docker
    • Proficiency in another European language
  • To fit the profile and possess the soft skills we are looking for
    • Strong sense of ownership and responsibility
    • Ability to break down bigger tasks into smaller chunks in order to tackle them effectively
    • Attention to detail
    • Proactivity and drive, coming up with new ideas
    • “Can-do” and “Get-it-done” attitude; Agile approach to problem-solving
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Passionate about effective user interfaces, graph visualizations and web client frameworks
  • To blend in well with the team and understanding our company culture
    • Good interpersonal and communication skills
    • Good understanding of different communication styles and cultural differences
    • Fluent in English, knowledge of other European languages is more than welcome

What we offer

We offer a great opportunity to play an important role in a global technology company with a very unique company culture and to participate in the evolution of a product that is competing with big names. Hume is already being used by very important companies in multiple industries. We are currently entering a new era in the life of the company with great challenges ahead of us.

Working with us means:

  • Strong support from the supervisor and top management
  • Place where you can actually influence how we do things
  • Working for an attractive international advanced-tech company
  • Open environment for own initiative and creativity
  • Significant potential for professional growth
  • Flexibility to balance your personal life and work
  • Fun environment and great office culture
  • Competitive remuneration